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CoCriativo - Vídeos by Pedro Céu

Contribute to the cash flow of who is dedicated to telling stories of people who have created their own stories =)

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I’m Peter Sky, an independent filmmaker seeking inspiration by helping people to make a difference in the world. That’s WHY I do what I do! That’s why to DO what I Am:

Spread through videos the emerging paradigm of ideas based on abundance, cooperation, compassion, self-expression and self-realization.
The author Simon Sinek, expert about showing WHY great leaders inspire, says:

“The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”

“This proves that people do not buy what you do; They buy why you do it. "

In my case, I’m not necessarily selling a commodity, but an IDEA, which is to inspire you to be the best what you can be.

So I decided to create my business from a crowdfunding platform, UNLOCK. Crowdfunding is simply a collective funding, which has been going very well in Brazil through sites like CATARSE, or Kickstarter in US, for example. The difference is that the Unlock is an on-going crowdfund, meaning you collaborates monthly with what you can, from R$10 Reais per month, at least. This is, I believe, a very effective way of continuous content producers earn an income and a flow of sustainable living.

You can cancel or change the amount of your monthly contribution at any time.
So in my case, you can contribute MONTHLY with the amount that is more COMFORTABLE for you so I can keep producing and CO-CREATING videos.

All money raised here will be reinvested in the channel and in what I call FLOW OF LIFE, for reaching my goal I can well live by crowdfunding, without having to charge for the work I do, with only the RESPONSIBILITY to continue doing what I love to do, which is to inspire people through my art, financing the time and dedication with my activities.

I believe that we can allow each other to do what is best for each of us. So with YOUR COOPERATION, I will prepare, record and edit videos and give you as a gift, and I trust that you repay what you think is a fair value for this co-creation. I will not have a boss, but CO-CREATIVE FRIENDS on this journey! It’s awesome =)

Like Pearl Jam says: Dream the Dreams of others, then you’ll be no ones rival =)

The world is a better place when we all share our gifts, I believe we need a little more of it in our interpersonal relationships, trust, believe in the creative potential of each person.

This is my quest, and I hope that somehow you that are reading now identify and feel the same feeling.

Always liked that phrase: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This is my way of change =)

This is not to say that I work for free. This means that people trust me to keep doing what I do, and I trust people to support me as they see fair.

To know a little more about what I have done to date with the CoCriativo channel:
1 – #EuSouL a webseries counting WHY people do what they ARE. Click HERE to watch the videos ever released.

2 – Cantadores History of a webseries that proposes expose the inner universe musician, WHY some people LEAD music. Click HERE to watch the videos ever released.

3 – Ideas that co-created along my journey videoartesão, began in 2008. Click HERE to watch the video music clips.

4 – FanPage the Cocriativo – if you want to send a message over there and learn more about the idea, feel free;)

What will you gain by supporting protect monthly?
Upon reaching the initial goal of R $ 3,000 collected:
1 – You will continue to provide opportunities so that there is a recurring collective financing culture in Brazil, benefiting me and to all those interested in moving the economy in a sustainable and creative way.

2 – Every end of month tell a little of my story and the various experiences I have gained being an entrepreneur me, sharing it through hangouts. As for getting positive results with my campaign, I can help others to do the same, shall we? ;)

3 – In addition, you can enter the group I SouL CoCriativo, on facebook, where cast content you who financially support the channel, before launching pro big world of interne. And some pampering the most tb =) … .afinal, you deserve

Now, if you want to know more where I got the idea to start this economic model, based on GRATITUDE, learn more about Gift Economy in minidoc Sacred Economics, based on the work of Charles Eisenstein. Watch clicking “HERE”: